About Us

Kendra Jensen

Richmond, UT

English Major, Professional and Technical Writing emphasis

Prior to my involvement with the Institute of Politics, I never fully understood the impact that politics had on my daily life. It was this distant world that I could only speculate and assume things about. Now that I have had the chance to work shoulder-to-shoulder with various politicians and see the process firsthand, I have a newfound appreciation for the work they do and the influence it has on my everyday life. I have also learned that we should participate in the political arena because it is our future.

Cameron D Carlson

Bountiful, UT

Integrated Studies: Earth Science and IT emphases

I am involved in the DSU Institute of Politics because within the last couple of years, I have become more educated and well informed in the political arena. I have realized the importance of political and civic awareness, the impact our government can have on our lives and the lives around us. In the spring of 2016, I was presented a position to serve in the new Institute of Politics and accepted because I understood that serving in this organization would allow me to help other students and community members, by creating very important, politically-engaging, educational opportunities that had not previously existed on our campus.

James Kener

Murray, UT

English Major/History Minor

I wanted to be a part of the DSU Institute of Politics and Public Affairs for a couple of reasons. Most notably, I wanted to be able to create a tangible organization on campus that would serve as the hub of politics and civic engagement. I have always been passionate about serving the community, and for me it was all about facilitating an opportunity to others who have that same passion. Last but certainly not least, I wanted to be a part of something that was brand new to campus. Being a part of this organization in its very first year has been a tremendous honor, and I look forward to watching it grow and continue to provide students the opportunities to serve, intern, and become educated on issues that affect us in our communities and abroad.